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Koyama Taro


Date of Birth: August 1, 1979 | Zodiac Sign: Leo | Height: 183 cm | Weight: 72 – 75 kg | Blood Type: A | Personal Color: Magenta | Power Stone: Moldavite


I first came into contact with skate, snowboard, and surf culture in my teenage years. It made a deep impression on me. In April of 2008, I started working at the design firm TEXFARM. Photography became one of my main responsibilities. As I worked, I naturally began learning about the art of taking pictures and developed a skill for landscape photography. Eventually, I became a director and a photographer. This gave me many opportunities to do modeling and home interior shoots.


After focusing mainly on work for a long time, I returned to surfing in 2014. At that time, my love for the sport exploded, and I started the surfing community ‘GATAFORNIA’. Soon after that, going on surf trips became an active hobby of mine. I began traveling both in and out of Japan, going to places like Bali, California, Australia, Taiwan, Miyazaki, Shizuoka, Shonan, Chiba, and Sendai. As I surfed, I took pictures.


My biggest influences are Tamaki Koji, Takashiro Tsuyoshi, and the movie STAR WARS. I live my life in accordance with the love and the philosophies that I have found in their words, their music, their works, and their stories.


Since entering my 40s, I have been continually renewing my health and living at my peak on a daily basis by following a diet that is based on the science of molecular nutrition. I have found that by changing my diet, I have changed my body. By changing my body, I have changed my thinking and my emotions. By changing my thinking and emotions, I have changed my consciousness and awareness. By changing my consciousness and awareness, I have changed my reality.


In 2020, I came to the conclusion that if I were to die with the English conversation abilities that I had at that time, I would seriously regret it. As a result, I enrolled in a study abroad program in the Philippines and quit working at TEXFARM, a company I had worked at for almost twelve years.


Before I could begin studying abroad, the world changed, and my plans to study English in the Philippines continue to remain uncertain.


While I had dreamed of traveling the world after completing my language studies and had planned on working as a freelance photographer when I returned to Japan, the shift in the world caused me to begin working independently as a photographer, director, producer, and designer in April of 2020 instead. Following in the footsteps of my idol, Takashiro Tsuyoshi, I have become a self-styled local media director.


These days, I really don’t know if I’m just playing around every day or if I’m actually working. What I do know, though, is that I having a great time living the life that I live!


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