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Koyama Taro


Date of Birth: August 1, 1979 | Zodiac Sign: Leo | Height: 183 cm | Weight: 72 – 75 kg | Blood Type: A | Personal Color: Magenta | Power Stone: Moldavite


I first came into contact with skate, snowboard, and surf culture in my teenage years. It made a deep impression on me. In April of 2008, I started working at the design firm TEXFARM. Photography became one of my main responsibilities. As I Work, I naturally began learning about the art of taking pictures and developed a skill for landscape photography. Eventually, I became a director and a photographer. This gave me many opportunities to do modeling and home interior shoots.


After focusing mainly on work for a long time, I returned to surfing in 2014. At that time, my love for the sport exploded, and I started the surfing community'GATAFORNIA'. Soon after that, going on surf trips became an active hobby of mine. I began traveling both in and out of Japan, going to places like Bali, California, Australia, Taiwan, Miyazaki, Shizuoka, Shonan, Chiba, and Sendai. As I surfed, I took pictures.


My biggest influences are Tamaki Koji, Takashiro Tsuyoshi, and the movie STAR WARS. I live my life in accordance with the love and the philosophies that I have found in their words, their music, their works, and their stories.


Since entering my 40s, I have been continuously renewing my health and living at my peak on a daily basis by following a diet that is based on the science of molecular nutrition. I have found that by changing my diet, I have changed my body. By changing my body, I have changed my thinking and my emotions. By changing my thinking and emotions, I have changed my consciousness and awareness. By changing my consciousness and awareness, I have changed my reality.


In 2020, I came to the conclusion that if I were to die with the English conversation abilities that I had at that time, I would seriously regret it. As a result, I enrolled in a study abroad program in the Philippines and quit working at TEXFARM, a company I had worked at for almost twelve years.


Before I could begin studying abroad, the world changed, and my plans to study English in the Philippines continue to remain uncertain.


While I had dreamed of traveling the world after completing my language studies and had planned on working as a freelance photographer when I returned to Japan, the shift in the world caused me to begin working independently as a photographer, director, producer, and designer in April of 2020 instead. Following in the footsteps of my idol, Takashiro Tsuyoshi, I have become a self-styled local media director.


These days, I really don't know if I'm just playing around every day or if I'm actually working. What I do know, though, is that I having a great time living the life that I live!

Taro Koyama

Born August 1, 1979 | Constellation: Leo | Height: 183cm | Weight: 72kg-75kg | Blood type: A type | Personal color: Magenda | Power stone: Moldavite

Since he was a teenager, he has been exposed to the culture of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding sideways to improve his sensibility.

Since joining TEXFARM, a design company in April 2008, I have become more active with photographers, and I haven't been taught, and I have absorbed my photography skills.

As a director and photographer, I often shoot models and houses.


2014 Revived surfing that had been interrupted to concentrate on work. The love of surfing exploded and the surfing community "GATAFORNIA" was formed. After that, my hobby is surf trips.

I have taken pictures while surfing in various places in Japan and abroad such as Bali, California, Australia, Taiwan, Miyazaki, Shizuoka, Shonan, Chiba and Sendai.


I live by believing in the love and essence that I can feel from "Koji Tamaki," "Tsuyoshi Takashiro," and "STAR WARS."

After changing what I eat based on molecular nutrition, I am updating my health peak every day after I am 40 years old. If you change your food, your body changes, if you change your body, you change your mind, if you change your mind, you change your consciousness, and if you change your consciousness, your reality changes.


I thought I would regret if I died with this level of English conversation ability, so I decided to go to the Philippines to study abroad.

In 2020, he left TEXFARM Co., Ltd., where he was enrolled for about 12 years.

However, due to changes in the world situation, the time to study abroad is undecided.

After studying abroad, he traveled the world and planned to work as a freelancer after returning to Japan, but since April 2020 he has been active as a freelance photographer, director, producer and designer.

He is a self-proclaimed local media creator because he is longing for Tsuyoshi Takashiro.


I'm not sure if I'm playing or working every day, but I'm having a lot of fun living.


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