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We would like to thank many people for visiting us.

Thank you very much.

@dab coffee store

2020.1.18 ~ 24

 Hello. This is Taro Koyama. Thank you for visiting WEB SITE. For the first time, I will hold a personal photo exhibition at "dAb COFFEE STORE" from January 18th (Sat) to 24th (Fri), 2020.​ I look forward to seeing you all! !!

Monday 20th is a regular holiday. Please be careful.

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With the cooperation of frame builder " THROW IN" and plant shop " Hygge plant shop ", we are aiming for a type of photo exhibition that we rarely see in Niigata.​ Please take a look while you come for a cup of delicious coffee.

Admission is free.

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A frame builder that creates original frames in response to various requests such as size and material from store to personal use. I was also indebted to the photo exhibition of "GATA FORNIA". We provide frames to many shops in Niigata such as "BAR.HALLELUJA", "ITALIAN RESTAURANT LIFE", and "FEELIN GOOD GENERL STORE". For orders and inquiries, please visit Instagram.

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A project that proposes greening in houses, stores, commercial facilities, inside, outside, anywhere. Briefly, I am good at proposing spaces full of greenery, such as offices such as "Google" and "Amazon". We are also developing original systems and items related to the plant. There is a real store in the warehouse in Tagami-cho, and the interior decorated by the owner himself is like an art festival of the earth. Worth a look.

Below is the explanation text for the photo exhibition.

 What is the past and the future  It's a vague thing that changes at the same time. Facts and time do not change, but the past is constantly changing in memory. Your current state determines the past. Whenever I look at the pictures I took in the past, I always remember something different. That's what a photo is. Keeping that story in mind ... This is my first personal photo exhibition. At the end of the summer of 2019, painter "lee izumida" held a solo exhibition in Niigata. I was able to help from the preparatory stage, and there was a sense of fulfillment that came from the bottom of my stomach that I couldn't say anything about while doing other things. I had a job in between helping out with my solo exhibition, and when I was driving through the highway, I had an intuition to do my own photo exhibition.  



All the works produced this time  This is a picture taken with "Leica M3" and "SUMMICRON 50mm". In the surf culture I'm chasing, the film camera boom was happening ahead of Japan. Creative surfers from California and Australia all took pictures with a "Leica" throat film camera and presented great photos. I longed for it. I was a little hungry for the trend of the world to make corrections by taking pictures with a digital camera and processing them like a film. Such photographs are like gluten (wheat protein) and casein (milk protein), where the creator's actions are overflowing from the photographs and yelling "Look at me !!" and "Look at me !!" I felt like "the intestines do not absorb". But you only have to take a film photo. It just holds. Clint Eastwood said in the affair movie "The Bridges of Madison County" that he watched when he was young, "Photographs take light." I felt that it was all right.  



The selection of this photo is  I choose photos that make me feel good when I decorate the room as much as possible. I was allowed to cover a number of homes at work (nearly 100 !!), and I had an early arrival. No matter how nice the house is, it's hard to complete the space without the pictures, pictures, and foliage plants that I went to. Rather, no matter how simple the room is, the space is completed with just nice pictures, pictures, and foliage plants. I decided to sell all the exhibited works, hoping to help create such a room. The story goes awry, but I got another one early by interviewing the room. It's now possible to relax wherever you go. I'm no longer reluctant to stay at the house of the person I met for the first time. The ability to order space has been added.  



The photos to be exhibited are not paper  All are printed on wood panels in a special way. By doing so, a unique painting-like texture appears. We asked frame builder "THROW IN" to develop a new frame from the frame, and tried and errored so that the wood panel would fit in the forehead obediently. The sheets around the photo were also made of wood, making it a unique work that was completely finished with wood without using any paper. Thanks to you, the content of the photograph is not comparable to the masters, but it is a satisfactory work as a framed photograph work. In addition, we asked Tagami's "Hygge plant shop" to decorate the space with foliage plants. We are planning to exhibit many photographs of California and Australia, so we will ask them to help them to move their mood from east to south with the power of foliage plants. Plants from the "Hygge plant shop" will also be on sale during the exhibition. Please look forward to it.  

We are thinking about various things so that those who come can enjoy it.
I have summarized various information that I am thinking about.

・ We will be in the hall all day on the 18th and 19th.


・ On the 19th, a selection party will be held from 18:30 (anyone can come).

Kenyu will DJ and Maxi (our secret weapon, a singer with an air-pleasing voice) will perform live. Alcohol is also served.


・ All framed photographs are sold at the photo exhibition. The work will be completed by putting it in the amount produced by THROW IN.

You can see my photo book at the photo exhibition venue. You can also choose your favorite photo from these photos and frame it.


・ Hygge plant shop's products will also be on sale at the photo exhibition venue.


・ One postcard will be presented to visitors to the photo exhibition (the number is limited. It will end as soon as it runs out). You can purchase the second and subsequent cards for 250 yen. The proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross as a charity to raise money for the worst forest fires in history across Australia since September last year.


・ At the same time as the photo exhibition, the charity project is also being held by yamanoshita coffee. We will also sell postcards and donate all sales. We will sell different types of postcards that are distributed and sold by dab coffee. All photos are from Australia.


・ On the 18th and 19th, I will take some pictures of the people who came. If you wish, we will give you photo data as a gift. Thank you.


We look forward to seeing you all! !!

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"Film" ebook is now on sale !!
film magazine 入稿.jpg

I took a CALIFORNIA trip with three GATAFOIA members (Watashi Tokaibayashi, Kenyu Yamazaki, and myself) in 2017, Taro Koyama took a picture with only a film camera (mainly Leica M3), and Taro Koyama wrote a text. A photo diary summarized in a book. The journey never goes as planned !! What is GATAFORNIA? Why did we go to CALIFORNIA? CALIFORNIA is similar to Niigata? What is the miracle that happened at Anaheim Stadium? What is the regret that comes with traveling?
The list price is ¥ 800.
Compatible with Kindle Unlimited !! Free for Kindle Unlimited !!

Download it here.


Thank you for sending

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