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Taro Koyama


Koyama Taro


Date of Birth: August 1, 1979, | Zodiac Sign: Leo | Height: 183 cm | Weight: 72 – 75 kg | Blood Type: A | Personal Color: Magenta | Power Stone: Moldavite I


In April of 2008, I started working at TEXFARM. Photography became one of my main responsibilities. As I worked, I naturally began. Learning about the art of taking pictures and developed a skill for landscape photography. Eventually, I became a director and photographer. This gave me many opportunities to do modeling and home interior shoots.



In 2014, I began going surfing with Yamazaki Kenyu. Immediately, I fell deeply in love with the sport and started the surfing community'GATAFORNIA'. After that, my hobby became taking surf trips. I started traveling in and out of Japan, going to places like Bali, California, Australia, Taiwan, Miyazaki, Shizuoka, Shonan, Chiba, and Sendai to surf. As I surfed, I took pictures.Some of my biggest influences are Tamaki Koji, Takashiro Tsuyoshi, and the movie STAR WARS. The love and the spirit that I feel in their work give me the power and inspiration to live. ​​

By changing my diet, I hope to push myself to new levels of health and energy throughout my 40s. My thinking goes like this, if you change your diet, you change your body. If you If you change your thinking and your emotions, you change your consciousness and your awareness. If you change your consciousness and awareness, you change your reality. This is the process that I'm currently in the middle of.Now that it is 2020, I am planning on stepping out into the world.

Born August 1, 1979 | Constellation: Leo | Height: 183cm | Weight: 72kg-75kg | Blood type: A type | Personal color: Magenda | Power stone: Moldavite

Since he was a teenager, he has been exposed to the culture of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding sideways to improve his sensibility.

Since joining TEXFARM Co., Ltd. in April 2008, he has become more active with photographers and has absorbed his photography skills.

Shooting scenery I am good at photography. As a director and photographer, I often shoot models and houses.


In 2014, he started surfing with Kenyu Yamazaki, and his love for surfing exploded and he formed the surfing community "GATAFORNIA". After that, my hobby is surf trips.

I have taken pictures while surfing in various places in Japan and abroad such as Bali, California, Australia, Taiwan, Miyazaki, Shizuoka, Shonan, Chiba and Sendai. I live by believing in the love and essence that I can feel from "Koji Tamaki," "Tsuyoshi Takashiro," and "STAR WARS."

After changing food based on molecular nutrition, I am 40 years old and am updating the peak of my health every day. If you change your food, your body will change, if you change your body, your mind will change, if you change your mind, your consciousness will change, and if you change your consciousness, your reality will begin to change. We plan to take a new step in 2020.


Although TEXFARM Co., Ltd. is a design company, he became the director of a radio program immediately after joining the company. Without knowing right or left, he was the director of a live radio program every weekend for about three years.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I am in charge of radio programs and TV programs, and I have almost no holidays.

For several years I worked in a mindset that sacrificed myself with the intention of devoting everything to my work.


I made a Niigata Bishoujo Encyclopedia and a free paper CRAS.


Photographer, pamphlet, video, design work, director and producer.


I'm not sure if I'm playing or working every day, but I'm having a lot of fun living.





Venue dab coffee, NiigataCity, JANUARY 18  --JANUARY  twenty four  --2020

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